Spanish Serenity

On a recent visit to Spain we decided to take a trip out to see the beautiful coastal town of Altea.

It was beautiful; a lovely beach, cobbled streets filled with shops and restaurants – and we only saw a small part of what they have to offer, I later found out it is a bit of a cultural capital.

We had been told about the church of the Virgin del Consuelo and that was really what we had come to see.

We took the bus into Altea and found ourselves at the sea front.

Without a map to hand we thought there was only really one direction we could go in to find a church … up!


And up it was. Quite a long and steep walk, but such wonderful scenery.


The above photo was taken at about the halfway point, you can see the mountains in the distance. It would have been our coffee stop, but the restaurant was closed (!) so on we went.

As we wound our way nearer to the top the cobbled streets changed into a more patterned affair (sorry I don’t have a photo). As my friend said, you could tell you were getting close to the church as the last part of the street leading up to it had ‘gone all posh’.


Finally we arrived outside the church. There was quite a bustling little town square and after a quick picnic sitting on the wall (and a rest from our climb) we went inside.



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