February 20, 2014

Finding my SWEET SERENITY...again.

It has been awhile...I know.  
Consistency has not been my strong suit in many aspects of my life and 
despite my good intentions to record my journey and navigate in a place of SWEET SERENITY 
it has taken me up till today to sit down and record my thoughts. 

SWEET SERENITY went out the window after the beginning of the New Year and I am only now catching my breath and feeling a little more settled again.  It's not that I didn't want to come here and blog ~ I had plenty of ideas, places I have been {West Sussex is gorgeous! ~ even in the rain ~ go see Sarah, Selena, and Tina, they have captured it beautifully}  but when all was said and done visiting my blog and posting fell to the wayside ~ all the way to the bottom of my to do list.  

I started a new job which I kept under wraps here on the blog simply because I 
was pretty nervous about it all and quite frankly it did not
 instil me with any SWEET SERENITY at all. 

I started in mid January and to say it was a shock to my system would be an understatement. 
The learning curve was steep and it has taken me until now to wrap my brain around it all.
I know that it is to be expected when staring a new job so I hunkered down 
and took it day by day ~ by day. 

This blog has played a huge role in my SWEET SERENITY since my move to the UK. 
{I really don't give it enough credit}
I have been so fortunate to meet the most WONDERFUL people through it 
{that is you sweet reader!}  Each and every person who has come to visit me and share a comment has inspired me and driven me to look further and dig deeper on my SWEET SERENITY journey. 

I have traveled to wonderful places and done incredible things with this blog {exceeding all my expectations} all the while  recording my thoughts and taking pictures to capture my sights.

So I am back...to find my SWEET SERENITY....again.